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May 29 2024

2024 is shaping up to being a productive year! I look to be involved in a total of 4 new album releases.

First will be a collection of brand new songs entitled Do You Really Think There's Anyone Who's Normal?, which is also the name of one of the tracks. A single, Upstairs At The Front Of The Bus, is now available. The album should be available in early July. It is nearly done....worth the wait I hope!...I kept coming up with new songs....but have put the lid on it now...9 songs, 8 of them brand new, and a reworking of an old favourite..

upstairs at the front of the bus.JPG

Next I plan to tidy up and release The Lockdown Tapes, a collection of 6 songs written and recorded back in 2020, when we were all enduring isolation. I recorded at home, with all collaborators phoning in their parts. I hope to make this available some time during the summer.

lockdown tapes art.JPG

The third collection is going to be comprised of a number of songs I've been singing for years and have never got round to putting out as recordings. This collection will be named George Breakfast's Greatest Misses.

Finally, my dear friend Cath Coombs, a wonderful singer and instrumentalist, is planning to make an EP of her singing songs I've written. I'm going to have a hand in recording that.

My daughter is getting married this autumn. Needless to say, I will be musically invloved in this! At her behest I hasten to add...

So, quite a year....I'm happy to be alive and still at it...

I hope to see you somewhere amongst all this, maybe at one of my gigs....

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