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My Songs.

as a writer, I trade under my family name, George Bacon

over the best part of 50 years(ffs!) I've written a great number of songs...I'm lucky enough to have had other artists, in Europe and the US, like them enough to perform and even record them...

I have made many recordings myself, a fair amount of which can be found here

I'm always writing...last year, my dear friend Jono Manson came for a visit, and we finished off 3 new songs together...they wound up on his album Silver Moon..

soon, another dear friend, Clare Hayes, is going into the studio, and plans to record 3 of my songs...

this makes me very happy!...

should you be looking for songs, please get in touch..

this summer past, I released a single recorded with 2 of my dear London musical pals, Simon Edwards & his lovely wife Ginny Clee, entitled The Shady Side Of The Street

the response was such that we've decided to record another 5 or 6 songs and put it all out as an EP, provisionally entitled 'One Breath At A Time' this space!

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