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The Hilltoppers


Last summer, Ginny Clee and Simon Edwards offered to help their old friend George record a song he’d recently written. They had never really worked together before, but had such a great time doing so, they decided to record another 4 songs, enough to make up an EP. In the course of their collaboration, George decided that in light of the detailed work everyone contributed he’d feel better sharing credit for the recordings, rather than it be a George Breakfast project.


And so the Hilltoppers were born! Apart from celebrating and sharing their joy in working together, there are no big career moves planned. On June 7 2023, they hosted an EP Release Party, which was a great success. Beyond that, all three of them have various activities they are committed to. But if they never do anything else together, they hope you’ll agree that the music they have come up with is compelling, full of the good stuff, and definitely worth a second listen.


The EP is now available for your listening pleasure at a number of places, check here. We like to think of it as musical encouragement and comfort for the elderly, of which we are growing number! In the unlikely event you'd like a CD, please contact me and I'll mail you one wherever you are for £5.

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