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George Bacon is my birth name. It is my legal name, and so, the name credited with the songs I write.

A few years ago I recorded a collection of my spiritual/gospel songs, and made a CD entitled I Thank God I'm Alive. I decided at the time to put this out under my legal name.

I Thank God I'm Alive art.jpg

I have just finished a 2nd album of spiritual songs entitled Walk Me Home. It is only available in one place, on Bandcamp. No CDs, LPs, Spotifly, iTunes or any other way of getting it.

walk me home artwork.JPG

The whole album, or individual tracks, are available for download on a 'name your price' basis. You can stream to your heart's content, or download for free. 

I humbly suggest that if you really like the music, as it is unavailable anywhere else, you go ahead and download at least the tracks you prefer and pay a little something.

I'm currently not gigging much, so every little bit helps. Thanks in advance!

I really enjoy singing these songs. I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to them.

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