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The Sure-Can Playboys are a wonderful local Cambridge UK americana style band, the core members of whom are all world class players in their own right.

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With a rich history performing in a variety of combos over a number of years, they each have much hard earned, dues paying, on-the-road experience to draw from. They all play to this day in all kinds of other acts, so when they do get together it is always a celebratory treat.

They have an extensive and ever growing repertoire, which includes a number of George's original songs. Their 1st CD, Kayajingo, was released a couple of years back. You can listen to it here.

The new CD sports 7 George originals, a couple of which were co-written with his dear friend Jono Manson.

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The band comprise Tony Hill on drums, Fabian Bonner on bass, John Wright on guitars, and George Breakfast on guitar and mandolin. In addition, the CD features Sean-Patrick O'Hanrahan on keys, Myke Clifford on sax, and Cath Coombs & Clare Hayes on background vocals.

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