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This is the album I have made in my much refurbished home studio, for which I have to thank the generous donors to my

GoFundMe campaign to raise the money to update my equipment. It was long overdue! Without their help, this album would

not have been made, and I would not have a working studio. Thank you all so much!

The album has 11 original songs. Except for two tracks, on which John Wright added some guitar, all instrumental sounds and voices were supplied by me.

You can listen to it in its entirety on Bandcamp. If you decide to buy a download, please do so on Bandcamp which treat artists far more generously!

I have made some CDs. If you'd like one, you can pay £10 for one at, give me your address, and I'll mail you one.

However you choose to hear it, I hope very much you enjoy the music!

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