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July 22 2020

In recent months I have not been idle. I have written a number songs, several of which are collaborations via the web with old friends. I have also been at work in my studio sending parts back and forth, and compiling new tracks.

The Lockdown Tapes are a series of 6 tracks I am putting together with members of my Cambirdge UK musical family. I plan to release them one by one over the next 6 months exclusively to my mailing list. They will not be available anywhere else.

So if you are interested in receiving this new music, and you're not on my mailing list, then please do sign up! Just go the the 'hear from me' button at the top of the page and you'll be very quickly on board.

I have just sent the first track out to my subscribers. It is a song called 'Just When I Was Getting Used To'. If you are not on my list, and would like to hear the song, sign up and it will be with you forthwith!

Thank you for your interest and support,



August 21 2020

The 2nd track, 'Partying On My Own', is going out today! If you haven't yet, click on the 'hear from me' button and you can join in no time. Your free music to download will be made available to you instantly.

All of us involved in this virtual collaboration hope you enjoy this fresh, original music.

stay safe and well,



24 September 2020

The 3rd track, 'Cherish Every Moment', is just about to go out. Only available to my mailing list, so if you haven't already, click on the 'hear from me' button and sign up, and you'll hear from me by return, with an mp3 and links to high definition files.

We having all kinds of fun putting these recordings together. We hope you enjoy the results!

25 October 2020

The 4th track, Something Juicy, has just been sent out to my mailing list.

If you're not yet on my list and would like to hear this music, do join us! It couldn't be easier, just click on the 'hear from me' or 'music & love only!' button and in no time you'll be receiving a welcome email with this month's track and a link to the others.

These times are uncertain, but honestly they always have been! Not taking anything for granted is healthy, and life is still good.



22 November 2020

I have just sent Track 5, 'Come To My Senses', out to my mailing list. I f you are not yet on it, now's a good time to sign up. Its free, as is the fresh original music you'll be receiving. Click on the 'music & love button below, and you're in!

29 December 2020

I finally sent out Track 6, 'Puff & Nonsense', to my mailing list. It is the final track in this collection, and is exclusively given to those on my mailing list. Happy New Year everyone!