George Breakfast's Elevenses!

As we are all for the moment, confined to quarters, and going out to play is not an option, I have, like a number of my fellow musicians, decided to gig a little online.

I have begun broadcasting simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram on Fridays at 11am BST. This is a little early I know for my US family and friends, but all shows will be archived on YouTube.

Facebook shows will be live on the George Breakfast's Elevenses Facebook Page, and archived here as well.

I hope you'll be able to join me now and then. And times being what they are, if you're able to afford a donation in the virtual tipjar, it would be very much appreciated!

Big thanks in advance...

update Feb 2021

From Feb 17 until Easter, April 4, I am backing off the internet, and apart from emails, I'll be elsewhere. Which means that during that time my Elevenses broadcasts will take a break too. 

Come Easter, we'll see how the lockdown is going. If we are still mostly confined to barracks, then I'll start them again then. Thanks to everyone who has tuned in!

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