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The Fabulous Mellowtones trace their roots to the streets of Paris in 1975, where both Paul and George were singing in the street. They became fast friends and musical cohorts, travelling all over Europe together with a variety of line-ups, honing their skills and playing shows wherever they could.

In 1982 they both moved to New York. The Fabulous Mellowtones is what they named the street band they formed which was a great success and garnered them considerable notoriety and plenty of gigs. They recorded an album of original songs around this time.

Soon the big holidays found them being offered more than one gig on the same date, so they began going out separately with a band apiece! This coincided with them musically taking off in different directions. George found himself at the heart of the growing NYC americana songwriting scene, while Paul put together a more funk based outfit which he wound up touring in Europe with for a number of years as Mr Thing and the Professional Human Beings.

George moved back to the UK in 1991. They never lost touch, and would meet up in Europe, and do shows together. They never seem to have any trouble picking up where they left off! Recent shows have been an absolute riot, so they have resolved to develop a show to take round Europe, where Paul now wants to spend more time.

Plans are on hold for now, with all the world at the mercy of the coronavirus .

Keep safe and well y'all.

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